Established in 1878, Metzger Machine is the oldest operating machine shop in Cincinnati. Three generations of Metzgers operated the company until 1972; now three generations of Browns (starting in 1937!) have committed themselves to serving Metzger’s customers in pursuit of each of their unique manufacturing goals.

With its full-service machine shop and three graduate engineers on staff, Metzger Machine is capable of providing a wide range of machining and engineering services. Metzger is able to provide complete job shop services such as sawing, milling, drilling, welding, turning, dynamic balancing, and grinding. Engineering services include design & redesign of custom equipment and reverse engineering & production of expensive or obsolete OEM parts. Whether you are seeking a dependable source for repair parts to keep your manufacturing equipment running, a parts supplier for your original equipment, or an outside source to provide engineering services, Metzger’s commitment to quality and reliable delivery will meet and exceed your expectations.

The machinists and engineers at Metzger Machine are ready to assist you in reaching your quality and production goals.  We look forward to fulfilling your requirements.