Metzger Machine has installed a modern, computer-controlled dynamic balancing system, enabling us to check & verify the balance of your parts as well as making precision balance corrections.


The Need for Balance

Many hollow rolls, rolls with journals, fans, rotors, wheels or other rotating parts may require dynamic balancing to enable proper performance due to non-uniform cylindrical profiles or unique, non-concentric geometries. Balancing ensures proper operation in the long-term and enabling higher operating speeds without introducing vibration into the manufacturing equipment.

Detailed balancing reports recording both initial and final balance readings as well as other relevant data are produced as a finished document, for the purposes of verifying conformance, long-term record-keeping, and satisfying quality system requirements.


Benefits to the End User

Having dynamic balancing services in-house allows Metzger to reduce cost and lead times and control the entire process by eliminating the need to involve an additional vendor. Metzger is equipped to be a one-stop provider for all your roller needs: core fabrication, core repair, rubber & urethane covering, grooving of rubber rolls, and dynamic balancing (both initial balancing of new rolls as well as corrective balancing of rollers that have previously been in service).


Balancing Capacities:

Diameter – 48″ Dia

Length – 20ft Long

Weight – 5000lb