Full Job Shop & Machining Services

  • Ability to handle all aspects of a job, from concept to finished product
  • Rework and repair existing parts
  • Duplication of expensive and/or obsolete OEM parts for replacements or spares
  • Machining of supplied weldments, castings, and other parts for OEM equipment
  • Plating and sheet metal work
  • Large or small quantities


Roller Work

  • New steel & aluminum cores
  • All types of roller coverings and coatings (rubber, urethane, chrome, nylon, etc)
  • Roll repair – worn and broken journals, damaged roll surfaces, etc.
  • Roll balancing – initial balancing of new rolls or balance correction of used rolls


  • Bronze, aluminum bronze, steel bushings
  • Hardened bushings
  • Oil Grooves

Engineering and Project Management

  • Design & fabrication of custom equipment, from concept to finished product
  • Equipment modification
  • Material handling equipment
  • Design and fabrication of prototype equipment